Second generation 

'Second-generation' books are books learnt by heart from another 'living book', by oral/aural transfer and not from paper. This process gave rise to new questions concerning the source. Is the source accurate? Can we trust it? Was that what you said last time? How can one go back and check what is correct? The person learning has nothing to hold on to, no words on a page, no visualization beyond what they create themselves. For the 'living books' who pass on their content, it is a review of their own learning process. Connections and linguistic details that the first-time learner has no access to are uncovered, while being questioned by a 'second generation' book.

In-Presentable, La Casa Encendida (Madrid) 10 - 24 June 2012
Kunstenfestivaldesarts (Brussels) 6 - 27 May 2017

Photo by Mette Edvardsen - Kunstenfestivaldesarts (2017)
Photo by Mette Edvardsen - Kunstenfestivaldesarts (2017)